Humanity Lodge has both single and tandem kayaks for the use of their customers on 4 different lakes. Life-vests designed especially for kayaks are provided.

Kayaks are used to paddle on Lake Francois, a lake with 12km of shoreline. Pleasure-seekers can stop for a while on the rock-island, for a swim, a jump from the peek of the island, or to simply marvel at all that mother nature has to offer. Customers like to paddle to the beaver dam, situated in a desolate bay on Lake Francois. On this lake, kayaks and paddleboards can accommodate 9 adults and 5 children at a time.

Kayaks can be used for an hour and a half. There is no cost whatsoever for our guests and a $50 charge for people passing thru for a 3 hour activity.


You'd like to try but you've never been in a kayak?

On the site, an experienced person can provide all the basics. Plus, the bay on Lake François is the perfect spot for the beginner, and is located directly in front of the office.

In fact, there is no good reason not to try. Take Céline's word for it; she can be found every morning at sunrise on the shores of lake François, you won't regret it.

Daily activities

You are passing through the région and you would like to some kayaking ?
Call us to reserve a spot for you. 418-638-5151
$50/pers for an excursion


A 3-lake excursion, without portage, is available at the lodge. Once you’ve crossed Lake Fontaine, you follow the trail leading to Lake Lassus, a lake that leads to little Lake Lassus. Hours of nature, of discovery and most of all, of pleasure.

Kayak reservations are made at the office. There is no cost whatsoever for our guests for the excursion.