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Rates and packages

FISHING Price/night/pers.
May-August 105$ (3 nights +)
115$ (2 nights)
140$ (LATE CHECK-OUT, Friday 15hr to Sunday 18hr)
Sept.-Oct. 85$

As of may 18, 2018

Lodging in a 4-star cottage.
Gasoline motor (2.5 hp max.) and electric motor necessary
Motors may also be rented at the office.

FAMILY VACATION Night Couple/Family 2nd Couple/Family
July-August 3 550$ 470$
July-August 5 660$ 570$
July-August 7 740$ 650$
Extra child     15$/night
Children 14-17 years old     15$/night
Children invited by the family     45$/night

A family: parents and their children 0-13 years old (max 3)
Children 14-17 years old and other kids, extra charge
Picture ID obligatory for all children

Family Vacations begins July 8th 2018

Whale and Trout
Whale and Trout Night Couple Family 2nd Family
July-August 3 700$ 750$ 670$
July-August 4 810$ 860$ 770$
July-August 5 900$ 950$ 850$

Family Vacation Package and Whale excursion,  Baie Ste-Catherine
Whale and Trout package begins July 8th 2018 to August 31th

A family: parents and 2 children 0-13 years old
Children 13-17 years old and others kids, extra charge
Picture ID obligatory for all children

Travel Canada
Adult 470$
Kid 0-5 y.old 25$
Kid 6-13 y.old   75$
Kid 14-17 y.old 120$
Extra night 140$
Extra motors  90$

Lodging in a 4-star lakeside cottage
Access to the exclusive rights' territory and the on-site activities
Equipment for all the nautical activities
Whale excursion on St-Lawrence River
Fishing rights (quota of 15 trout/adult)
Fishing permits - 1 day
Private dock and one rowboat
Motors and life jackets
Bedding and bath towels
A whale-watching safari

Travel Canada package begin July 8th 2018 until October 9th

Daily activities
Pêche à la journée, quota de 15 truites
Maximum de 4 embarcations/lac
Location de moteur au besoin
Canot sur le lac François - 3 hres 35$
Kayak sur le lac François - 3 hres 35$
Excursion de kayak (3lacs, sans portage)- 3 hres 50$
Paddleboard - 1 hre 20$
Randonnée et observation - 3 hres 35$

Reservation: 418 638-5151/ 514-235-4571

BIG-TROUT LAKE WITH GUIDE Quota/person Price/person
May to mid-july 2 (min. 1 lb) 50$

Guide, boat and motor included. Maximum 2 hours. 
Reserved for lodging customers only.

Fall season
EXTENDED FISHING SEASON # of people Price/night/pers
September-October 2+ 85$

From August 31th to October 8th, 2018
Fishing on lakes Augustin, Leon, Fontaine, Lassus and Petit Lassus

RENTAL 1/2 day 1 day 3 days 4 days 5 days
Gasoline motor 35$ 35$ 90$ 120$ 140$
Electric motor 35$ 35$ 90$ 120$ 140$
2 motor combo 70$ 70$ 125$ 180$ 230$
Single or tandem kayak Gratuit        
Canoe Gratuit        
Mountain bike Gratuit        
Engine Battery 10$ 10$ 30$ 40$ 50$
Pedal-boat Gratuit        
Life jackets         5$/trip
Worm box (15 big)         7$

Pour une période maximum de 2hres par jour, les clients qui viennent en Vacances Famille ont droit gratuitement à tous les équipements disponibles sur le site, à l'exception des moteurs, des batteries et des vestes de flottaison.

Arrival and departure
All packages/all season 3:00 pm 11:00 am
Good to know
Rates in effect The posted rates are in effect for the 2018 season
Reservations Reservations are completed by telephone. 418-638-5151 or 514-235-4571 A 40% deposit is required by credit card.
Payment methods accepted Upon your arrival, the balance of your trip is payable by check or in cash.
Bedding Every bed has a sheet and pillowcase. Sleeping bags, towels and soap are not included. $15 charge for complete bedding and towels.
Pets Pets are not permitted.
Generators & ATV In order to keep the site as quiet as possible, personal generators and ATV are not permitted.
Firecrackers The useof firecrackers is strictely prohibited.
Wood Every cottage has its’ own outdoor fireplace, wood is supplied.
Outdo0r fireplace Every cottage has its’ own outdoor fireplace, wood is supplied.
Daily activities For a 1 or 3 hour period, guests may come to do kayaking, canoeing, trail-hiking and wildlife observation. Cost starting at $20/person. See activities
Additional people It is always possible to add people to a group, depending on the size of the cottage. The rate is the same as for the other people on the contract.
Always call to advise us.
In case of cancellation In case of cancellation, there is no refund of the deposit. 30 days before your arrival, no modification to your contract is allowed. The contract must be respected in totality.
Minimum # of people The minimum 3 of people included in the contract must be respectd. No reduction will be given if people are missing. The contract must be respected in totality.
No outdoor music Humanity Lodge is known for their peace and quiet. No outdoor music, car stereo system or ghetto blaster will be tolerated.
Wifi To maximize your wilderness experience, internet access is only available at the office for the short periods daily. Any downloading is prohibited.