There are 9 lakes for fishing and boats are already parked on each lake. The quota is 15 trout per permit. Fishing permits, worms and fishing gear may be purchased at the office and motors may also be rented. The fish-house is located directly in front of the office and includes 3 large sinks, running water, lights and a scale. It is possible to bring your own gasoline motors(2.5hp max.) for Lake François and electric motors for the smaller lakes.

Kayaks are available on 4 different lakes. The lodge has single and
tandem kayaks that can accommodate as many as 15 people at the same time. They may be used for an hour and a half or rented for an entire day or the duration of your stay, as is outlined in the kayak package. An excursion from lake Fontaine to Little Lassus lake will enchant you. On lake Francois, nature's beauty will astound you as will a ride up close to the beaver dam.

Canoeing is done on lake Francois. It may be reserved for an hour and a half or rented for an entire day or the duration of your stay. Ideal for a ride as a family or with a group of friends.

Expert or beginner, adult or child, paddleboarding is an activity that is easy to learn, lot's of fun, and practiced during mild winds.

Swimming can be done from your dock or the shore in front of your cottage. There is also a magnificent rock-island in the middle of lake Francois where you can swim, or if you dare, jump from the top of the island into the lake below.


Trails are available for walking and/or hiking. Each trail leads to a different lake and the duration of each walk is no more than 30 minutes. A moose-observation point is in the works in the short term.

Swings are set up near the office for children as well as a sandbox. Some cottages have horseshoe pits while others may have a badminton net installed.

In the month of august, blueberries are plentiful and may be picked on and off the outfitter’s territory. Bring your recipes!

As of 2012, a site has been specifically developed to favor moose observation and to understand it's universe. We will attempt to offer moose observation throughout the season but fall remains the most opportune time to witness this majestic animal in its' natural habitat. Prepare your cameras.

Certain trails are used for biking. Mountain bikes are recommended and several bikes are available at the office free of charge.

A pedal-boat is available to all, free of charge, and may be reserved at the office for a maximum of 3 hours at a time.

Many species may be observed including: ducks, beavers, otters, loons, herons, hawks, porcupines, groundhogs, partridges, hummingbirds, wood-peckers; on any given day, one may even see a black-bear or a moose.

In June of 2009, in collaboration with the France and André Dion Foundation, the outfitter installed a nesting-box for the presevation of the Barrow's Golden Eyes. In all, 10 nesting-boxes will be installed, including at least 1 on each of the territory's 9 lakes.

Geocaching (treasure hunting game with GPS) is practiced on our territory, either on land or water. Circuits available for all age groups and skill-levels. GPS available at the office.


Situated 10km from the outfitter, in nearby Baie Ste-Catherine, a multitude of activities are available including:
Whale-watching, horseback-riding, ocean-kayaking, ferrying or zodiacing on the Saguenay Fjord, hiking to the Falls, Pointe-Noire Interpretation Centre.

The village offers several excellent restaurants including the Café Resto overlooking the St Lawrence River.